Honda Firefighter Remote Start

The Remote Start Firefighter turns your sprinkler system on at the perfect time to protect your property when heat sensors are installed. It couldn’t be easier or safer.


The risk of BUSHFIRE is a harsh reality and often our biggest assets in semi-rural areas (apart from our homes and immediate surrounds) are livestock, machinery, barns and their contents.  The value of these assets can commonly exceed 100’s of thousands of dollars and in some cases theyare so unique, they are irreplaceable.  Davey has the answer, with our new Remote Start Firefighter® – enabling asset protection from afar.

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To activate the pump, you can either:
1. Send an SMS START command to the Remote Start Firefighter to START the Firefighter on the pre-set speed you have selected, OR;
2. Utilise the automatic start facility either with a float switch for a tank filling or a heat sensor system installed on your home. The NEW Remote Start Firefighter is also so intelligent, that it sends you a pump status report via SMS once it is started or stopped! Multiple users can be registered to operate and receive SMS feedback All registered users receive SMS feedback and warnings, such as:
>>Pump Start and Pump Stop
>>Battery Low
>>General Status
>>Engine Service and SIM Subscription reminders

Whether you need to provide drinking water to your stock or you need to protect your home from a bushfire threat, the Davey Remote Start Firefighter has you covered.

Manage your stock watering needs with ease. Simply activate the pump via SMS, at anytime, from anywhere.

The Remote Start Firefighter turns your sprinkler system on at the perfect time to protect your property when heat sensors are installed. It couldn’t be easier or safer.

The NEW Davey Remote Start Firefighter pumps are powered by Honda’s electronically managed iGX270 petrol engines.
The engine has dual preset speeds (3600rpm and 2800rpm) adjustable via a toggle switch on the side of the control centre. For all SMS or timer shutdown events the control centre will automatically set the run speed to the low setting for 15 seconds before allowing the engine to stop.

How does it work?
>>SMS start for when you are not home
>>Heat sensors activate during bushfire threat
>>Remote switch – like a panic button inside your home
>>Electric start for easy key start operation
>>Recoil start for emergencies if your battery is flat
>>SMS STOP when you are not home
>>Manual key switch for the times you’re at home There are fewer stopping options to ensure fail safe operation! Remember that the NEW Davey Remote Start Firefighter will send you an SMS to tell you whether it has STARTED or STOPPED! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Optional accessories
Mobility kit
Converts the Remote Start Firefighter from a stationary pump unit, into a mobile unit that is easily manouvered with wheels and handles.
Heat sensors
Davey recommend the addition of heat sensors to buildings which have been fitted with external sprinklers. Heat sensors are calibrated to trigger at 93°C. This ensures the pump will start in an emergency independent of the phone network, as during severe fire conditions, SMS reception may be compromised.

To download more information on the product click here.

• Firefighter Remote Start Datasheet

• Remote Start Firefighter – Brochure

• Firefighter Remote Start Instruction


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